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Hypnosis as a Means to Address Anxiety



Hypnotherapy is considered as an alternative healing process that compels the patient to demonstrate subconscious changes, responses, thoughts, revelations, feelings or behavioral manifestations. It is done by hypnosis or sessions that involve a period of hypnosis, in which is believed to have the capacity to alter a person's conscience by "turning off" the analytical side of the brain and stimulating the non-analytical side. It is assumed that the subconscious mind holds the key to many things that cannot be seen when the conscious mind is in control.


There has been a debate on whether or not it works. Needless to say, hypnosis or hynotherapy is believed to have many uses and one of them is to treat anxiety, thus it is still applied by many. In this day and age, more hypnotherapists are looking into helping patients on how to stop feeling anxious by subjecting them into hypnotic state or "trance." Through hypnosis a patient can be put into a more relaxed state while the patient's subconsciously is fully alert. The subconscious mind is the underlying thing behind emotions or feelings. The subconscious mind is believe to be where anxiety may be coming from.


Thus, through hypnotherapy, the aim is to tell the subconscious mind to relax because it is not their responsibility to influence a person's thoughts or decisions. In effect, when the subconscious mind is more relaxed, the conscious mind, once awakened, will be more straightforward when deciding on what is best to do on how to overcome jealousy.


Because the approach of hypnotherapy aims toward relaxation, it is believed to be a safe alternative treatment to angst as compared to prescription drugs. Moreover, it aims to keep anxiety from escalating into something that is more difficult for the patient to control. This refers to the more physiological symptoms of anxiety such as fast heart rate, irregular or rapid breathing, muscle tension and difficulty to focus. Because of anxiety a person is prone to fear, stress, emotional strain and difficulty sleeping, he risks himself to be in more serious health problems if not addressed.


Thus hypnotherapy is popularly believed to safely help a person achieve a calmer disposition so he or she can avoid stress, emotional problems and can achieve better and more sufficient sleep. This can happen if the subconscious mind, which usually triggers anxiety, is taught to calm down and take it easy. If you think you need alternative treatment to anxiety or How to stop feeling anxious, read more here.


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